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A Little About Myself

My name is Shawn Vause. I am a full-stack software engineer living in Western Pennsylvania. I’ve worked on everything from Internet of Things (IoT) powering medical devices, serverless cloud architectures using Azure and AWS and line of business applications (primarily on the ASP.NET platform). I started my humble development career doing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications in SAP using the proprietary ABAP programming language. This blog’s content and opinions are my own and mainly for the purpose of helping others with technical problems and solutions, while documenting them for myself.

My grandfather was very interested in computers and purchased my first computer for me knowing it was a tool I would need as I progressed with my education. He also encouraged me to earn my amateur radio license. I am an amateur extra with the callsign AA3YX.

I got into programming in the Geocities era building small websites for bands I enjoyed and video games I had gotten into. This interest pushed me to persue programming in high school starting with Visual Basic 6.0 and graduating to C/C++. I earned computer science credit in high school through a collaboration offered with Pitt University. Upon graduation, I attended Penn State University for Information Science and Technology (IST) and earned my bachelor’s degree as valedictorian with highest distinction.

I grew up and continue to live in the same small town I was born in with my wife and boston terrier Doc. While I enjoy my technical hobbies such as programming, gaming, tinkering etc., I am also getting into fishing to push myself away from the desk from time to time.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to know more, I am happy to chat!

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