Welcome Back!

You may have noticed the blog went down recently. I have been working on a new design and re-launch that took a touch longer than anticipated. Thank you for returning. I am hoping to have a more robust solution available to write/publish content more easily now.

I intend to use this space to document things I have learned in my technical journeys and personal reading. Occasionally something non-technical might slip in, as I have used the pandemic to pursue new hobbies like fishing. While I may not be the most avid blogger, I think it will be a great reference for stuff I need to refer to periodically and my hope is that it will provide value to others as well. Thanks again for returning and I look forward to writing more content/iterating on this platform. Please bear with me for any bugs/defects that might arise as this is definitely a v1.0 platform at the moment. Welcome back and cheers!


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